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01. 1er package barcodes

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Conditions of Use

General terms of business
Area of application
Offer and contract end
Customer information: Storage of your order data
Prices and forwarding expenses
Retention of title
§1 area of application, customer information
The following general terms of business regulate the contractual relationship between Online shopping Druske, EAN-Code-Shop.eu and the consumers and enterprisers who buy goods about our shop. Conflicting or from our terms of business divergent conditions are not recognised by us.
The is Gcontract language is german.
§2 contract end
(1) The offers on the Internet show an obliging offer of you to buy goods.
(2) After input of your data and with clicking the order badge you accept this offer on end of a bill of sale. They can close the bill of sale, however, also by telephone or by fax.
§3 customer information: Storage of your order data
Their order with details to the closed contract (e.g., kind of the product, price etc.) is stored by us. They have on the Internet, nevertheless, no access to your past orders. We send the Terms and Conditions to you, you can call the Terms and Conditions, however, also any time about our web page. If you liked to protect the product description on our shop side for own purposes, you can make at the time of the order, e.g., a Screenshot (= screen photograph) or print out alternatively the whole side.
§4 customer information: Correction tip
They can correct your inputs before delivery of the order any time with the erase key. We inform you on the way by the order process about other correction possibilities. You can finish the order process also any time by closing the browser window completely.
§5 retention of title
The purchase object remains our property up to the entire payment.
§6 guarantee
The guarantee is directed according to the legal regulations.
§7 restriction of liability
We exclude the liability for slightly careless duty injuries, provided that these no contract-essential duties, damages from the injury of the life, the body or the health, guarantees or claims concern according to the product liability law. Same is valid for duty injuries of our fulfilment assistants and our legal representatives. To the contract-essential duties belongs in particular the duty to hand over to you the thing and to get you the property of it. Furthermore we have to get you the thing freely from material faults and legal faults.




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